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Maria Sharapova Stretches Her Pussy For Her Game

Friday, December 5th, 2008

It’s not only pleasure that Maria Sharapova gets when she stretches her pussy like this.  Although I’m sure she does get a lot of orgasmic feelings when stuffing her cunny with various implements like a speculum and a big, thick dildo.  She even has some photos taken when she’s doing it, as you can see here, and I bet that’s an added turn on for her aside from the carnal act itself.  But while it feels good, I think it also improves her game, if only for the fact that it’s great exercise and it stretches the muscles she has right there between her legs, making her lunges just a little bit longer out there on the court.  In a hard n’ fast high-stakes game, an inch or two could spell the difference between a return shot or a missed one.  Maria Sharapova’s the kind of gal who’d do anything for the win, and when that ‘anything’ is something as pleasurable as this, you know she gets a lot of practice sessions done.  Hmmm… maybe she needs some help!

Now that you’ve seen what a perfect pussy Maria Sharapova has, from the smooth, shaved outside to the moist, pink insides, I bet you’re drooling for more.  And if you aren’t, then you must be interested in tennis players like Roger Federer instead of her.  But in case you want more, then you can just click on this link and find yourself in naughty Maria Sharapova heaven, because the site that leads to has her doing all the naughty, raunchy stuff you’ve always wanted her to do for the cameras.

The Naked Secret Of Maria Sharapova’s Power Game

Friday, December 5th, 2008

We don’t think Sports Illustrated can print these pictures of Maria Sharapova, so we might as well be the ones to put forward our theory on her success in the pro tennis leagues.  From what we see here, it’s a combination of nature and nurture, with Sharapova’s natural athleticism being honed by intense practice.  Sounds like any other athlete’s program of success, doesn’t it?  Well, from these images it looks like Sharapova’s training routines aren’t that typical.  She’s obviously a follower of a more organic and nature-centered path even though she does use modern work out machines in her exercise routines.

What’s so natural about her training is that she likes to do it in the nude.  Which, when you think about it, makes perfect sense.  I mean, think how much more you can stretch your muscles and joints when there’s absolutely nothing holding it back.  With her natural athletic prowess, her long, lean (and sexy) body can go through all the needed motions of her workout without being restrained by any clothing, giving her that extra little boost in her range of motion.  And since she’s working out without any clothes on, she doesn’t overheat and get tired as fast as when she’s wearing something, extending her workout time and building her stamina.  And then afterwards, there’s time to focus her mind on what needs to be done during a match when she takes a skinny dip in any shallow body of water.

See how all of those elements make her such a great player?  At least that’s how I explain these pics.  The alternative reason for being naked while she’s working out would be that she’s such a horny slut, she needs to get naked whenever she can.  On second thought, that’s an explanation I like better than the first one, and it fits in better with the naughty pics and videos of Maria Sharapova naked that you can find when you click on that link back there.

Maria Sharapova Caught Sunbathing Naked Outdoors

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

It looks like professional tennis hottie Maria Sharapova just had a really bad day.  Well, that’s what happens when you go sunbathing out in the open, even if it’s in a place you think is pretty deserted and not frequented by a lot of people.  Being the huge sports celebrity that she is, and more importantly, one hot, hot babe, she should’ve figured out that there’s really no safe place for her to just take off her bikini.  Yep, from what it looks like in this photo, she wasn’t just sunbathing topless, she had everything off or at least untied.  Her luscious tits are still poking out of her pulled-down bikini top, and she’s just tying up the bottom while screaming out at whatever paparazzi is there to stop.  Fat chance, sister!  For horny fans of this tennis babe, this is one time we can actually appreciate those photographers who go out and stalk our fave stars just to get that perfect pic that’ll put them in the money.  Here’s one of those pics right here, and Sharapova’s lithe, sexy body is looking spectacular exposed like it is in this image!

Of course this isn’t the only pic out there showing Maria Sharapova naked, or at least as close to naked as possible.  She’s a raunchy Russian chick who has the world in the palm of her hands at the moment, so she isn’t afraid to have a lot of naughty fun.  Just click on that link back there to check out her other escapades and enjoy even more views of her tight, hot body!